The Art Of Video Storytelling

We help with all your video and audio needs including ads to promote your brand, music videos to promote your band or your fashion, film or art project. Video storytelling is a crucial marketing tactic that uses video to engage your audience by telling about your brand and your project. The videos that we produce for you will be used for your VIP campaign packages as well as other ad placements throughout online platforms.

Livestream your show or event to our VIP streaming platform The Station TV.

Multicast to any social platform for maximum exposure (note: we only stream part time to other platforms in order to move your following to The Station TV where you can sell your merch and media.)

Stream remotely to use and we will add promotional overlays as well as a custom QR Code “TIP JAR” for instant tips. You keep 100% of your tips.

Audio Technician & Lighting/Staging

Pre-Production, Venue Visits and Meetings

Backstage Interviews with our host to be replayed on your channel at The Station TV

Post-Production Editing

Recording Studio