A note from the founder: As a long time musician, film dabbler’ and creator turned software developer I know how it feels to try and get exposure in a black hole of Internet talent. Therefore I created this platform in order to provide a VIP area for Artists, Musician, Film and Fashion talent so that our HD Agency LIVE clients can gain maximum exposure.

Request A Live Stream

If you are a client of HD Agency LIVE you can request a live stream here. After sending the form you will be contacted by our Director for a pre-production task meeting.


** Stream your event live from your phone! You will find in your Control Room an area to request a live show. Once you send in the request we will help you through the pre-production process, set up your custom QRCode for tips or a paywall for ticket sales to your event and explain to you how we stream from your phone to our control room (where we add all graphics, extra images, audio/video, monitor the chat for you during the live event) and push out to The Station TV.

For The Artist And Creators In Our Community

  • We provide your own “Control Room” to promote your work.
  • We display your QRCode in our Tip Jar area for quick tips. You keep 100% of your tips
  • Stream your own show, concert, event and even your merch with live commerce. (paywall can be provided)
  • Retain 100% of your revenue from your creation!
  • Promote your gigs, events or shows with flyers in our creator spotlight section.
  • Submit audio and/or video to be played on our Main Stage and/or Audiocast.
  • Placement on our Social Promotions network.
  • Create Your Own “Merch Store” and keep all of the profits.


Advertisers: Why spend a ton of money on an advert that gets “skipped” after 5 secs. We at The Station TV came up with our own way to make sure your advertising is getting seen. We setup an area just below the video player that simply gives the important info. Your logo (brand should state what you do) with the name of your busines and your website, social tag or some form of contacting you to seal the deal. Contact Us for more info.


There are a number of different QR Code apps for your iphone or android. If you don’t already have one simply download one. Click on the QR image and a bigger image will pop up. Use your app to read the QR Code and support your favorite creator


We have a few interview related shows and spots are always available for our artists to tell us the down and dirty about their career. Contact us if you would like to be featured on one of our shows.


In the hopes of starting our own Digital Media Academy we have provided an educational space. If you are an instructor or have a dedicated instructional format and would like your own channel to help us build our Academy, please contact us below.


The Station TV is not just for musicians. We are a full service production company working behind the scenes on a number of screenplays and video projects.