Live Stream Your Show or Event

We created our own Streaming Platform called The Station TV. This is our own VIP streaming platform for our clients only! No more getting buried by the millions of YouTubers our there as we focus on streaming our clients only and those shows that we produce in-house at our Private Streaming Retreat in Joshua Tree, California (still under construction).

Engage with a audience worldwide

We create a custom streaming experience for you.

Live Commerce to sell your merch

Live Interviews to interact with your fans

Pre-production Venue Visits

We can either bring in our own camera production team or we can show you how to use your cell phone to stream remotely to our in-house control room. From there our director controls all overlays, promotional graphics, ads for the venue you are playing at, all your promotion tags and links and streams the show directly to The Station TV. We can provide a Pay Wall for those who wish to charge a ticket price or we can supply a custom QR code that will display for your own personal Tip Jar. All tips go directly into your online payment account via the custom QR Code.