Online Galleries & Art Competitions

We will submit you to the most current online galleries and submit you to art competitions.

Digital Marketing

Clean and up to date websites are a must. If you have one or need one we can help. Follow up with a full social media package

Start Blogging

With your website you will be given and area to Blog. Blogging keeps traffic coming your way and also is handy to keep your potential customers informed about “Latest News”, which piece you might be working on at the time. Blog posts also show your expertise and positions you as an Industry Leader. Video blogs are also a great way to make contact with your followers. We can either stream you live or provide you with a crew at one of your exhibitions we can provide that as well.

Sell Your Art Online

Our streaming platform The Station TV will give you an area on your channel to sell your art online. You can add or delete your art for sale as it becomes available or sells. We also provide Live Commerce via our Live Studio where you can show your art to your audience at which time the potential buyer can purchase.

PR For Art Exhibitions and Fairs

We will get you in front of art lovers, professional artists, gallery owners, and agents so you can “Network, Network, Network”. The people you meet can keep you informed about new opportunities. Find out which art galleries are accepting submissions, who’s the best person to talk to at that gallery and more. We take it from there and help you market your art through social feeds, sharing your art on The Station TV LIVE where you can participate in our Live Commerce show via our Live Studio to sell your art online while showing potential buyers your art in Real Time!

Get Your Art On TV and Film Projects

Artists can make a living creating art that appears in film and TV. We have a number of contacts in this area as we deal with a number of film and TV people. This can range from a painting that will be hanging in the background to a business logo or a storefront. Getting your name on the project’s credits is another great way to get noticed.