Full Service Promotion and Distribution Agency

Our Mission

Our goal is to give our clients the full treatment for maximum exposure to everyone worldwide. Our team is made up of artists and promoters who know what it takes to get noticed in today’s technology driven entertainment. By owning and operating our own live streaming platform as well as providing red carpet services we are able to use every media available to get you in front of your following.

When it comes to promoting our clients we can deliver tangible and real results using industry and innovative marketing techniques. Our team is made up of artists, musicians and PR associates that have previously worked in their industry and can know what it takes.

In order to create maximum worldwide exposure one of our founders created The Station TV in order to be able to provide our own VIP streaming platform for our clients. No longer do you have to compete with the “blackhole” of other platforms. We work with our clients and control when and where you are streamed, provide the ability to stream yourself from your mobile phone at any pre-scheduled time and make sure you are on our Main Stage playlist.

We also provide our clients with a channel on The Station TV where your following can view video of past shows, purchase tickets for future shows, sell your merch and songs and more.